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5 Ways You Can Help During This Lockdown

The past one and a half months have not been easy for anyone at all. From being stuck inside our home for days together to being away from loved ones or facing shortage of essentials, everyone is going through a struggle of one sort or another. Below are five different ways to help during this lockdown period:

1. Help Yourself Before Helping Others

Every time you board a flight and the cabin safety instructions are shown, you would have noticed that there is clear emphasis on helping oneself before helping others beside during an emergency. This is mainly rooted to the fact that it is more logical if you are in a safe position yourself before you extend help to others.

Loneliness is a reality for many now and mental health of many people out there has taken a hit. So, to fix this, don’t be scared to make that phone call and talk to your loved ones about your feelings. Indulge in self-care activities that give you little joys from home. These small things add up to make a big difference.

2. Be There for Others

Humans need fellow humans for survival. Our emotions dictate a lot about our lives and so being away from people who you surround yourself with every day will have its impacts. When you ring up a loved one and talk to them about your own feeling, for all you know, they are going through something similar too and so you open a platform for them to share also. Having healthy conversation wherein you and the other person can acknowledge the uncertainty and reality of the moment goes a long way. If you know someone who is not doing great through this quarantine period, be there to just listen to them and give them a sense of support.

3. Donate to the Needy

Most of us are privileged enough to be safe at our homes with food and family. But there are millions out there (such as the daily wagers of India) whose livelihoods have been crushed and desperately need help. They are stuck in cities with uncertainty over their next meal. The government has huge tasks in front of it and without the help of the public, a recovery from this is far from happening. Don’t let your skepticism get in the way of donations! Donate directly to the daily wage workers by singing up in our website.

4. Be Creative at Home

Try your hand at new skills or re-awaken an old hobby of yours. See what you can learn from or teach to others around you. This world has always been about adapting and evolving. Picking up skills today that put you in a better place for the coming tomorrow is vital. But this doesn’t mean you always have to learn something professional, simple things like learning to cook with your mom, or cleaning the house with dad makes an impact too.

5. Feed the street animals

The street animals survive on the food that is either offered or thrown by humans every day. With the lockdown in place, these animals have no means of finding food. During this time, simple things such as giving away leftovers can help these animals survive through this trying times. However, it is important to make sure you take the necessary precautions while giving food to the street animals. Make sure you wear the necessary personal protective equipment and maintain distance. Even the government has started to issue passes to feed stray animals.

But regardless of what all you do from the list above, remember that you are helping this world recover every minute by staying inside.

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