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Donation and Skepticism

Why your help means the most now more than ever!

People love to question and that is completely fine. Because questioning ensures accountability and is the truest expression of democracy. In a country like India, it makes perfect sense to raise questions because exploitation has plagued our past for centuries.

However along with this comes the delay in the onset of processes. It is completely relevant to ask questions but seeking answers also requires you to pay the price called ‘TIME’.

Trusting a non-profit is extremely important before going forward with the idea of donating to it. A survey conducted by BBB Wise Giving Alliance (a charity monitoring organization) in the United States showed that 73% of respondents said it is very important to trust a charity before donating to it. However, only 19% say they highly trust charities. Keeping in mind that United States being a highly developed country shows such an appalling condition of trust over charities, India is more likely to showcase a worse picture.

Now extending the horizon of this topic, let us understand what this implies for the act of donation. It is fundamentally correct and ethical to question the accountability of any organization and its claims but the cost of this is borne by the needy. This unintended consequence is unfair but also unavoidable for transparency. The beneficiaries (which in our case are the daily wage labourers of India) during normal times have some relief from the minimal income that sustains them for a short while. With a pandemic’s burden, things tend to take a huge dip and immediate survival is the only factor at play. Death from starvation becomes an everyday fight.

In such a scenario, asking the daily wagers to wait for the help (which itself is unlikely because there’s always a donor’s bias exerting an influence) that’s coming for them is not simply unfair but also hopeless because the resource of time is not under their control. By now, the severity of the current situation of the daily wagers of India must be understood by you now.

Let’s talk solution…. where do we (ForDailyWagers) come in ?

We know that now is not the time to debate about this and simply redefined the way help is extended normally. The factor of doubt comes into play when a third party enters the chain of transfer. The immediate solution and quickest approach to work through this was to directly connect donors and beneficiaries (i.e. the givers to the receivers).

And so, we did just that!

Your inner skeptic is crucial for growth and needs to continue but the current situation needs you, the reader of this article, now more than ever. Countless are out there with members depending on them for survival. Don’t let mere doubt be the factor that decides whether a human being goes to sleep in hunger today!

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