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Government Undertakings to Aid the Daily Wagers

Desperate times call for desperate measures. All of us have our own opinion of how the organisational and administrative aspects of the Covid 19 lockdown have been implemented. However, a number of steps have been taken by the government to help people from all walks of life, be it traders, small businessmen, daily wagers etc.

The recently announced ₹ 1.7-lakh-crore relief package has been formulated with the aim of achieving greater diversification by stimulating a variety of industries rather than focusing on traditionally bankable ones.

First comes, the agricultural sector. 8.69 crore farmers have been given payouts under the ‘PM-KISAN’ scheme. This holds pristine importance within the relief package due to the fact that the food shortages and lack of inventory is going to be a key factor in the post-pandemic world economy.

Furthermore, families living below the poverty line will be provided with free cylinders for 3 months starting in May. To aid the poverty stricken population of the country, a number of ex gratia payments have been announced for senior citizens, women with Jan-Dhan banking accounts, to go along with the fact that the government will be covering the provident fund payments for both employers and employees. The latter will only cover establishments that have less than 100 employees with 90% of those employees earning less than ₹15000 a month.

As a measure to create tangible economic activity within the country, the Union Government has directed the states to use their ‘Building and Other Construction Worker’s Fund’ to help support the 3.5 crore daily wagers in the Construction Sector.

Another move that has been essential to improving the sanitation habits within the country has been to attach subsidies to the sale of Hand Sanitizers. The average bottle of hand sanitizers, which would’ve costed you ₹300, is now available for a price of around ₹50.

Owing to the government's responsibility to provide assistance to all parts of society, they are unable to provide complete coverage to any one portion of the populace. People within the unorganized employment sector, which covers the majority of daily wage working options in India, are hurt the most due to lack of pensions, medical insurance, and continued salary payments. Being in a state of anguish, they require our urgent assistance. One of the ways to go about it, is to donate at , which simply acts as a bridge and connects you directly to the daily wagers cast away on an island of helplessness. Donate Now!

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